Concrete Power Buggies & Buckets for Sale

Look no further than Track Equipment for concrete power buggies and other rubber track carriers for sale. A concrete buggy will provide the strength and speed you need to do more with fewer people. Tight spaces: Concrete buggies can carry material to places around the job site that larger trucks can’t reach. Transport concrete, soil, and gravel easily. One of the most valuable pieces of equipment on a construction site.

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About Concrete Buggies

Concrete buggies are engine-powered machines that save construction and landscaping companies money, time, and labor by making the job of transporting and placing concrete on a jobsite much easier and faster. Also known as “power buggies,” concrete buggies essentially amount to a wheelbarrow mounted on a wheel or track system powered by 5- to 20-plus-horsepower gasoline or electric engine. The operator guides the machine from behind using handlebars, a steering levers, or another mechanism.

Available in walk-behind, stand-on, and ride-on models, concrete buggies feature powered dump buckets with 16-cubic-yard or greater capacities and the ability to transport up to several thousand pounds of concrete at speeds from about 4 to 7 mph or more. In addition to concrete companies, landscaping, general construction, demolition, and other operations also use concrete buggies to haul sand, soil, gravel, debris, mulch, and other materials. The Canycom SC75 is a leading manufacturer of new and used concrete buggies for sale.

FAQs about Power Concrete Buggies and Buckets

What is a concrete buggy?

A concrete buggy is a large, transportable bucket with an articulating dump action to transport to the work area and spot pour concrete. There are two types of buggies: manual, push buggies and heavy-duty powered buggies. Powered buggies can have wheels or tracks, and the operator drives, standing behind the concrete buggy or sitting in a cab. Concrete buggies may also be called power buggies or Georgia buggies.

How many yards does a concrete buggy hold?

Concrete buggies can hold a large amount of concrete, from 10 to 30 cubic feet, which can be several bags of concrete for bigger commercial jobs. Many of our models hold 16 cubic feet. Smaller concrete buggies or buckets can carry between three and five cubic feet for smaller slab pouring.

How fast is a concrete buggy?

Get around quickly with 7.25 mph top speed. Operate smoothly and steadily thanks to the infinitely variable, fully hydraulic drive system.

Are concrete buggies powered?

Most concrete buggies sold are gas powered. However, the CanyCom SC75PDHP model runs on propane which is cleaner and therefore, optimal for more environmentally sensitive locations and spaces.

Features Of Concrete Buggies

Concrete buggies come in a variety of sizes and capacities, but most fall into one of two main subcategories: Those that run on wheels and those that run on tracks. Wheel models are generally less expensive and faster than track models, and may feature pneumatic, foam-filled, or steel wheel options as well as two- and all-wheel-drive systems. Track models provide superior traction and climbing ability and are typically better for transporting material on sand, soft soil, and mud or on jobsites with uneven terrain requiring additional traction. Track models cause minimal impact to the ground surface.

Both wheel and track concrete buggies provide excellent maneuverability in tight or difficult to reach spaces.

In addition to heavy-duty steel and polyurethane buckets, many buggies feature narrow and/or articulated designs enabling them to fit through 36-inch doors and place material more exactly. Other features can include hydrostatic drives, foot and hand levers for easy bucket dumping, foldable and perforated rear stand-on platforms, lift rings, enclosed engines for extra protection, easy access maintenance and repair doors, work lights, and hand brakes.

Watch Demo of Concrete Buggy

The CanyCom SC75PDH is ideal for concrete, interior demolition, environmental remediation, general construction, landscaping, and utility work. Its robust tracked provides excellent climbing ability and superior traction in mud or sand, while the180 degree pivoting bucket provides excellent maneuverability.

  • 180 Degree Pivoting Bucket
  • 90 Degree Dump Angle
  • Non-stick Poly Bucket allows for fast dumping and cycle time
  • Counter Rotation provides tight turning radius
  • Work on Steep Slopes with 25-degree gradeability
  • Gas or Propane powered options
  • And more…